About Us

With 32 years experience in Europe, United Kingdom and Australia, Allenzi is proud to announce its new range of high quality innovative products.

Following ten years of intensive development, Allenzi has completely re-engineered its products to produce ovens to a standard never previously seen in the industry.

All our ovens use Cerami-therm Insulation. This consists of ultra-high density ceramic insulation that maintains all exterior metal surfaces at below 28 deg. Celsius and maintains its insulation properties for the life of the oven. This results in at least 20% saving in energy costs and up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when using the gas oven.

Our oven door is safe to touch whilst the oven is cooking. Our oven doors have a soft close function making it easy to close the door without banging.

We have introduced a new 90cm wide double oven with both ovens having nine functions including double fans which pre-heat the oven to 180 deg. Celsius in under ten minutes. This oven has created a new industry standard in oven design. No need to heat a large oven for a small meal, therefore saving energy.

As there are significant greenhouse gases produced in the production of new ovens, our aim is to reduce greenhouse gases by producing appliances that last significantly longer, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, our ovens are extremely robust and should a service call be necessary, the ovens are designed to be serviced from the front without the need to disconnect the power and gas.

We are proud of our appliances and believe you will be proud to say you have an Allenzi